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LaVerne McGrath Broker, REALTOR


Why Choose Me to Represent You?

My interest in real estate started as a child. My growing up years revolved around moving, renovating and selling more houses than I care to count. My parents were “home flippers” before the term “home flipper” was a phrase. Being raised in this manner, the idea of becoming a realtor was seeded into my blood.

It is interesting that even though my education is in a different realm than real estate, many key aspects are completely essential to this field. I have a B.A. in Education and Minor in Art, Communication and Business and Graduate Studies in Learning in Educational Psychology.

From my Fine Arts training, I have a keen eye for aesthetic appeal which is extremely helpful in advising for prepping and staging homes for sale. My communication knowledge is extremely valuable for listening, speaking and negotiating offers. My business perceptions enable a full understanding in the importance of timeliness and solid record keeping. And finally, my studies in education and learning give me an advantage for addressing different individual needs and perspectives while ensuring all necessary information is clearly conveyed.

My work experience has been very diverse and mostly in education, holding titles as a tutor, curriculum developer, teacher, instructional designer, corporate trainer and public speaker. The skills I have gained professionally in listening, extracting key components and purposefully speaking, fit perfectly into the building blocks of a realtor –client relationship.

My Hobbies:

I like writing, drawing, bicycling, yoga, hiking and playing (novice) guitar.

My Proud Life Moments:

-Having three beautiful grown sons and two gorgeous grandchildren-Creating a full literacy program and having taught over 2000 people to read-Having gallery showings with my drawings-Sharing books that I have written with many folks-Reconstructing a corporate training program that originally took 3 months to complete and had a 50% failure rate, and transforming it to an efficient 2 week program with a 100% success rate-Starting a little granola making company (“Grumpy Granny’s Granola”)-Being a Realtor for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices; I am excited to work with such a wonderful group of people

My goal is to deliver a 5-star experience for all of my clients. If you are thinking of buying and/or listing a home, I would love the opportunity to work with you on this adventure.